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🐿️ New Assets: Apple Products Mockup Bundle - 6 Apple Products

🐿️ New Assets: Apple Products Mockup Bundle - 6 Apple Products

Back then there was a huge division between smartphone and computer users. People had to choose their side on device preferences. Either it should be android or iOS, Windows or macOS. But it seems like this stigma changed. People doesn’t care about it like they used to. In the end they are all devices and what really matter is what you are doing with them.

Only one difference matters in this competition. Apple’s design choices are unified across their product. People can recognize them from afar. And honestly, they’re unique objects compared to competitors different size, style, color choices.

After Apple’s iPhone 14 event, we decided to create a mockup for every popular Apple product and bundle them all together. This bundle includes iPhone 14 Pro, MacBook Pro 16”, MacBook Pro 13”, MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, Apple Watch Series 8.

They are all easy to use PSD files. You just double click and open the layer in a new tab and place your image. Then, press ctrl/cmd + S and it will show up in the mock up! If you have any questions, just check the read me file!

Email us for designing commissioned, customized creatives for your project or company.

What’s inside?

*This assets resolution is 3000x3000px.

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